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Get paid to help with the subject You love…

Professor Richard Wolff - Let's use Innovations/Technology FOR the people

Start Your Profitable Non-Profit Business for doing good deeds while earning a living.

Start Your Profitable Non-Profit Business for doing good deeds while earning a living.

NON PROFIT AS A SERVICE is the spot to start Your decentralized non-profit business for doing good deeds while earning a living. Up and running with 1.8sec global latency in under 60min. For 10$ a month, estimated 2 Billion API requests included.

What if every enterprise and every individual would turn to the non-profit model, focusing on the purpose, while having the same or even more profit?

When a for-profit business converts to a nonprofit, its mission changes dramatically, because a for-profit business runs its operations primarily to make a profit.

But when you operate a nonprofit, making a profit cannot be your main purpose any longer.
And that it’s mandatory for a non-profit to run their business, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone, is common sense.


What if individuals could benefit from the flexibility in finding a Paid Volunteering job?

Paid Volunteering, which sounds counterintuitive first, is pretty much one of the primary keys to a future without unemployment…

Important social and sustainable tasks are deployed as spontaneous jobs to a network of available people.
This enables flexible recruitment and release, with a focus on the task, and is a time and resource saver compared to permanent employment.

The Paid Volunteer in turn has a huge range of options (jobs) each day, which he can choose from by his personal preference and not by what is paid for, because every job is paid the same.

Did you know? Before Corona, the worldwide unemployment was “just” 5% (around 400 million people are unemployed), but is thought to increase because of Corona.

If Paid Volunteering was already established, unemployment would have gone down to almost zero, because for Paid Volunteering, bad times are good times, there is an increased demand for the workforce.

But if times are good, Paid Volunteering has the potential to maintain the positive structures that are causing the good overall state.


What if every sustainable action of enterprises and the people would raise a Global Unconditional Basic Income? (UBI)

In the past centuries, we as a species were living, as earning profit was the sole meaningful goal in life, superseding all other endeavors.

But the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.

“Let’s not wait for the government, we the people are the solution and can drive massive change. We’re talking about how we can move from rebellion to restoration.” Clare Dubois, Tree Sisters


The Zero Dollar Coin combined with the Paid Volunteering platform, World Peace Engine Labs has in mind, could catapult the 250 societies around the globe to a new age of social and sustainable prosperity, an overall awesome live quality, and huge crowd-sourced advances in green, general and high-tech technologies.

So at the end, the question is:

Why not?