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We get the ball rolling and start with Sustainable Development Goal #1 and #2

Get yourself three meals a day, no matter what. Have a safe sleep at night. will connect you with your local food waste economy.

Every meal costs 1 ZD.

You will get 3 ZD for free food pickups each day.

You will get 1 ZD for a free sleepover each day.

You will get 3 ZD for free cloth each month.

It needs just small steps as a group to reach the goals together...

ZeroDollar(0$) CRYPTOCARD

ZeroDollar(0$) CRYPTOCARD

Life can be easy…



The ZeroDollar is a “currency” that is based on a valueless unit-system, just like in the movies.

The ZeroDollar Cryptocard itself is a mix from Global Unconditional Basic Income, Redistribution of Profits (not wealth), a Resource-Based Economy starter, and evolves into the system in waves…

It also forces the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on the long-term sustainable management of resources and the resulting waste (Circular Economy), and the fair and transparent resource distribution to 100% of the world's population, no matter what.




The richest 1% now has as much wealth as the rest of the world combined, according to Oxfam.

The goal is to leave the existing economy, which is driven by the whole population but serves mainly just the top 1% of the population, like it is.

But now all profits are going to the Global Liquidity Pool from which the ZeroDollar Cryptocard distributes all profits evenly to 100% of the population via a decentralized, blockchained credit card for store, rent, and online payment.

That’s it! The following described effects are resulting from this one move only, and the Sustainable Development Goals Table.

The paradigm shifts from doing profit-oriented business, to non-profit business instead. It’s just that. Same game, just fair, mindful, and with collective long-term success in mind.

Every business achievement, is now an achievement for 100% of the population. The entrepreneurs, managers, business owners, and investors included. (the old 1%)

Today, if prices are raised, the top load is on the 99% in the favor of the top 1%.

Today, the value of the U.S. dollar for instance is based on supply and demand in a free market where dollars are freely exchanged for other currencies, and where most fiat currencies today derive their value from the trust of a government’s ability to raise taxes and manage the money supply.

But now, if we raise the prices or taxes, it is in the favor of 100% of the population.

It’s like a math-trick, a life-hack that is a fair version of the single-sided system that we are used to today, and works out on a long-term: The load magically shifts to the companies and machines, who will not complain about the shift in numbers, in contrast to You, human beings in real-life, who will have to pay more, own less, and have to work more to catch up, if prices are raised up today.

Money becomes rather a mathematical tool to fine-tune a resource-based economy which is regulated by the demand and supply of everybody, the 100% and not only the top 1%, and limited by resource-availability on the long-term, ecological and humanitarian impact on the long-term, and transport-distance. WITH THE SAME ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, IN THE SAME CURRENCY, AND THE SAME WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT LIKE ALWAYS!!! NO NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING FOR ANYBODY!!!

Everything that happens is sustainable, double-checked publicly by yourself. (Sustainable Development Goals Table)

You can buy everything for 1 ZeroDollar, no matter the price before, but you can’t buy compulsively, hoard, or waste.

Bye, bye homelessness, hunger, poverty, scarcity, waste, and the related selfishness, corruption, crime and war.

Black market trades, bribery, forcing people to do things for money, and human trafficing will pretty much vanish.

Welcome to a society that is not loosing any dignity, and a authority and industry that is not loosing any power, but that honors now the freedom of speech and the freedom to innovate.

From here, we have a good base to work our way through the Sustainable Development Goals and teach our kids how to live in and maintain a post scarcity society.

A society were You are free to choose a job that You love, that fits Your skills and Your preferences, and without minding the income.

A society were unpopular and dignity taking jobs will either vanish or become automated…

And a society that works for the wealth of 100% of the people, the top 1% included.

“Let’s not wait for the government, we the people are the solution and can drive massive change. We’re talking about how we can move from rebellion to restoration.” Clare Dubois, Tree Sisters

What is a Resource Based Economy?

The Venus Project proposes we work toward a worldwide, resource-based economy, a holistic social and economic system in which the planetary resources are held as the common heritage of all the earth’s inhabitants. The current practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant, counter-productive, and falls far short of meeting humanity’s needs.


Simply stated, within a Resource Based Economy we will utilize existing resources – rather than money – to provide an equitable method of distribution in the most humane and efficient manner. It is a system in which all goods and services are available to everyone without the use of money, credits, barter, or any other form of debt or servitude.

To better understand a resource-based economy, consider this. If all the money in the world disappeared overnight, as long as topsoil, factories, personnel and other resources were left intact, we could build anything we needed to fulfill most human needs. It is not money that people require, but rather free access to most of their needs without worrying about financial security or having to appeal to a government bureaucracy. In a resource-based economy of abundance, money will become irrelevant.


We have arrived at a time when new innovations in science and technology can easily provide abundance to all of the world’s people. It is no longer necessary to perpetuate the conscious withdrawal of efficiency by planned obsolescence, perpetuated by our old and outworn profit system. If we are genuinely concerned about the environment and our fellow human beings, if we really want to end territorial disputes, war, crime, poverty and hunger, we must consciously reconsider the social processes that led us to a world where these factors are common. Like it or not, it is our social processes – political practices, belief systems, profit-based economy, our culture-driven behavioral norms – that lead to and support hunger, war, disease and environmental damage.

The aim of this new social design is to encourage an incentive system no longer directed toward the shallow and self-centered goals of wealth, property, and power. These new incentives would encourage people toward self-fulfillment and creativity, both materially and spiritually.

World Peace Engine Labs uses ZeroDollars for building the bridge/interface to today’s system, like described in the WHITEPAPER.

To switch from capitalism to a free economy in a row is pretty much not possible.

But switching from chaotic currency to even distributed units, is a glance.

It’s the harmonic middle of capitalism (controlling people with numbers), and a free economy (expecting everybody to be super-smart and giving)

The ZeroDollar provides the infrastructure for both worlds: controlling/regulate people with numbers and living in a free economy, that even a dump-ass can’t abuse. 

It’s not the goal anymore, to accumulate wealth, and money/units are becoming rather a mathematical tool, maybe like it was supposed to be.

Don’t dream your life, live your dreams, and if you can think it, you can do it…

Credits: the Venus Project, Jacque Fresco R.I.P.

  • A stable coin that is guaranteed not to gain or lose value.

  • But 100% of funds are going into the Global Liquidity Pool to your command…

  • Every user gets a creditcard with wallet function and 1000 ZeroDollar(0$) each month for free, no matter what.

  • The resulting Resource Based Economy is based on production cost, demand and supply, and sustainability.

  • From now on, to mis-speculate on the Fiat stock exchange on an important resource, or to invest in something or to retail trade for one’s own gain is futile and hits yourself.

  • From now on, if you are a business owner, you don’t compete for the most profit for yourself.
    You now engage with your suppliers, resellers, even with your competitors for developing new and evolving old products/services in terms of sustainability and distribution.
    From now on, every business achievement, is an achievement for all users, the business owners included.

  • In the resulting society, everybody has the same wage, no matter what.

  • You cannot get into depts.

  • Everything is available, and the prices are now dictated by 100% of all people having the same wage, instead of 1% of the people with an income above your fantasy dictating the prices to the 99% of people.

  • The actual economy/business and administrative/hierarchy related selfishness, corruption, and criminality should vanish instant, because this is also futile in a Resource Based Economy.

Don’t be afraid of getting comfortable with the idea. Believe in yourself and in the power of us, the 99%!

The 99% is more powerful than you think we are!

If you work 10 years for an employer, you will get around 100.000, from which you paid your expenses.

In the same 10 years, your managers and/or the owners/investors earn a ridiculous amount of money they can’t even spend in 3 lifetimes.

But if you already work for the benefit of the 1%, you actually do, we all do, why not working for the benefit of the 100%?

Think twice:
If the richest 1% now has as much wealth as the 99%, then the 99% now has as much wealth as the 1%.

But we are the majority, We are the 99%!

We are the people!
What are we waiting for?

Money, credits, units, numbers, and even language, are technologies too… Is the Technological Singularity already happening?

  • 1. You and everybody else has a creditcard with 1000 ZeroDollar a month.

  • 2. You will get up to 1000 products and services, including housing, food, cloth, medical care, transport, and amenities, limited to an amount per day, month, and year, depending on their sustainability. (for instance: food limit per day avoiding food waste, just one car if any or electric only etc., just one flat or house, etc.)

  • 3. Everything costs 1 ZeroDollar, but prices are 10 ZeroDollar and 100 ZeroDollar after a specified usage and/or related to their sustainability (resource availability, ecological damage/impact, transport-distance)

  • 4. Luxury is shared (car to go, carsharing, call a bike, bike-sharing, rent-a-boat, boat-sharing etc.)
    Nobody gets their stuff or money seized. Our goal is not to make the rich paying for the poor or forcing anybody to give anything.

    If you like to share your car or your years long empty real estate, awesome! If not, no worries, that’s allright.

  • 5. You, everybody else, even the 1%, presidents, industrials, investors, business men, actors, musicians, artists, scientists, doctors, and workers, NO ONE gets any income/wage from the company/institution you/they are working for.

  • 6. Instead, everybody has the same unconditional wage now: 1000 ZeroDollar.

    The poor are rich now, and the rich are still rich.

  • 7. Everybody’s wage is a realistic 1000 interactions with the economic system.

    (It’s virtually 33 ZeroDollar a day. I pay virtually with ZeroDollar for one week already, counting how many products/services I buy. 12 ZeroDollar a day was my biggest spending till now)

  • 8. If you go to a supermarket and buy three vegetables and a bottle of water, that’s still 3,50€ for the supermarket’s business accounting and on the cashdesk.

  • 9. But you pay 4 ZeroDollar with your creditcard.

  • 10. The supermarket gets in return for the 4 ZeroDollar, its 3,50€ from the Global Liquidity Pool, which is running in FIAT ($, €, etc.)

  • 11. The supermarket pays its suppliers, landlords, etc. with FIAT, like always.

    Businesses buy/sell in FIAT, humans buy in ZeroDollar.

  • 12. You can’t sell stuff, but you either swap or you recycle, which is raising your limits!

    For instance: You allowed to have just one bicycle, one car if any or electric only, one home, etc… (Sustainability Table)

    If you swap, you can get another one.

    If you recycle your good after a minimum lifetime, you can get a new one!

  • 13. There is no reason to hoard things anymore. Products in possession are worthless and without monetary value, because everybody is able to afford everything in ZeroDollar, but product prices are still in FIAT.

  • 14. If you can’t afford something, nobody else can.

    This means, you need to cooperate if there is an unmet demand, maybe creating a sharing model, for instance. Or if there is demand for something, but the product/service is unsustainable, you could maybe improve its sustainability, so it becomes “cheaper” on the Sustainability Table.

  • 15. From now, the FIAT price of a product/service compared to today is released from the workers wages, the managers/investors wages/profits, the taxes, the expansion rate, and the pretty much arbitrary raise to gain even another profit on top.

  • 16. The FIAT price of a product/service is now based on A. the resource-price, B. an expenses-covering-fee for the producer/seller, C. a global transfer-fee (fixed % of A+B)

  • 17. Trying to make a profit for you or your company is futile in a resource-based economy.
    The B. expenses-covering-fee is for running your business.
    FIAT is worthless for humans. Only machines/companies use FIAT.

  • 18. The global transfer-fee goes 100% into the Global Liquidity Pool.

With a Sustainable Development Goals Table in effect, incomes and profits collected in a Global Liquidity Pool, and evenly distributed to the whole population of a planet via a decentralized, blockchained, cryptographic unit system, a global society is able to regulate the global resources, local manufacturing, and the wealth of 100% of the population,
from just one public available list with suggestion and peer-review options for the entries.

The whole political and democratic process is now surrounding this one list only.

The list contains the product/service/resource categories, together with a price in ZeroDollar, and how often you are able to buy for 1ZD, depending on it’s sustainability.


This list is updated by scientific methods only. Instead of democratic majorities, decisions are made by public brainstorming for elaborating the best solutions possible.


It’s a bit like a serious simulation game, where you regulate a whole planet and its population from just one menu/list, instead of 250 nation-state admirals trying to steer spaceship Earth through space, and every Admiral has its own route of interest, as Buckminster Fuller said once. 

If the global usage is d’accord with the Sustainable Development Goals Table, it means people, animals, and the environment are alright today and in the foreseeable future.


But if the Global Liquidity Pool doesn’t support our demand/usage/expense, even though everything is running sustainable (we are not running out of resources in the long-term with the actual global consumption/usage/recycling measurements, and everything is available to everybody), we just need to raise the global profit by raising the global transfer-fee.


This is like raising the prices because of demand or to manage the money supply in today’s system.

But now the profits are not going to the top 1% of the population, but instead they are going to all 100% of the population.

We are ok today with prices which are getting raised constantly to the benefit of a few of us, while our wages are keep staying at the same level.

We are also ok today with taxes are getting raised to manage the money supply.

But this is a fair version of raising profits for the 100% of people as a counterpart compared to raising profits for the 1% only, or just a majority, or just a seemingly majority, because the actual majority is poor and not even well represented, like now.

The transfer-fee is just a mathematical interface between FIAT and ZeroDollar, to raise the profits of the businesses inside the resource-based economy, that are now running like non-profits (fullfilling a mission, serving a product/service, just sustain themself without interest in profit)

As long as the Zero Dollar itself is bound to the Sustainable Development Goals Table that is publically, and radically transparent managed by the United Nations, and improves continuously through public brainstormings, you can’t do anything wrong. Neither can the United Nations.

And you never have to be afraid of your existence again, no matter if you are poor and struggle with life, or if you are rich and fighting other powers to keep your own.

Don’t dream your life, live your dreams, and if you can think it, you can do it…