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What if the first Artificial General Intelligence was a Geographic Information System (GIS) combined with the world’s greatest, multilingual, open-collaborative online encyclopedia?

Aligned with the Human Rights, the Fundamental Rights, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Law…

Created, fact-checked, and supervised by yourself…*

*Open Source / Community developed – natural language and drag & drop programming for non-technicians, C++ coding for technicians, developers, specialists, and scientists…

What if this Artificial General Intelligence was a polymath? (a Renaissance Man), having the deepest knowledge of all disciplines that mankind has to offer available and was a specialist in the fields of S.T.E.M.* and H.A.S.S.**

* S.T.E.M. = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
** H.A.S.S. = Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences

What if this Artificial General Intelligence wouldn’t decide anything, but was a strategic sparring partner, in peaceful collaboration and consultation but also competition and loyal opposition with the actual 250 presidents/chancellors/kings/queens/heads of government and the other 25.000* people who are responsible for 8 Billion people around the world?

*Imagine that today, 8 billion people, split into around 250 countries, are administrated by around  less than 100 top authorities in each country. That equals globally less than 25.000 people in charge of 8 Billion people.

What if 8 Billion people were in charge of 8 Billion people? Every voice heard and even answered…

Let’s find it out, together…*

*maybe it’s ‘True Democracy’…