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New prototype made with Svelte

Yes, i know, it looks all the same…

But, underneath there was a lot of going on the past weeks.

Cloud Atlas finally arrived at Svelte.

There was some help from the community(thank you @onsummer), but i decided to start from scretch…


  • Svelte

  • Vite

  • PWA (app install option on mobile and desktop)

  • Serviceworker (cache first strategy)

Works without any server!

JamStack, static pages, prerendered, precompressed, hydrated via API, distributed via CDN.
GZip compresses the app from 4,3MB to only 1,02 MB!!!

The tiles get cached too and are available offline, just like in an app.
I almost got it working, that the globe also comes back after tabclose (without internet connection)


The results are high-performance and browser-friendly JavaScript with small package sizes.
Short: Cloud Atlas will become even faster, then it already was before.

While Sveltes application build process is the biggest innovation of the framework, it’s also very easy to learn, has great documentation, and comes with great experience testimonials from developers.
Short: If you are into HTML, CSS and Javascript, try Svelte.

Svelte is less boilerplate, less coding, compiles your code down do the most efficient vanilla-js and it just feels so HTML…

And if you ever hit an obstacle in the future(which is peoples over-reasoned main reason not to use Svelte yet), just if, then just continue (or just implement one component) from your old, bloated, slow framework. ☝️🤓

Thats Svelte! 😍

Look up the Live Demo at

Yes my friends, static is not what its used to be anymore… (in a good way)